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This page consists of carefully selected links to informational websites dealing with postcards.

Some other sources for viewing postcards on the internet are flickr (pictures of postcards and postcard related things) and ebay (for buying or selling postcards).

General Postcard Websites
Blogs Featuring Postcards
Postcard Collections & Exhibits—Personal
Postcard Collections & Exhibits—Organization
Postcard Collecting Tips
Miscellaneous Postcard Related Websites

General Postcard Articles & Websites

Antique Trader Postcard Articles

Greetings From the Country—An article about the University of Washington Libraries Postcard Collection discusses how we can learn from and exhibit old postcards.

Heavy Metal Madness: Greetings from Big Letters USA —Curt Teich printing and large letter postcards.

"How To" Advice for Beginning PPC Collectors

How to Collect Postcards

Large Letter Postcard Site

Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City—Lots of information on postcard history, terms, publishers, and topics.

Postcard (Wikipedia)

Postcard Collecting: A Hobby—A sampling of artist-signed and topical postcards from 1898 to the present, with an emphasis on children's themesand fantasy subjects

Postcard Pages—UK website operated by Postcard Traders Association.

Real & Other Photos: An Introduction to the History, Identification and Collectability of Early Photographic Postcards

San Francisco Bay Area Post Card Club—General information, newletters, and links.

Story of the Golden Age of Picture Postcards—A pdf file of a 4 page essay from New York State Library

Webfooters Post Card Club (Portland, Oregon)—Collecting tips and newsletter archive.


Postcard Blogs

Blogs change frequently with new ones added and old ones abandoned. Many are listed on the blogroll at


Postcard Collections & Exhibits—Personal—Collection of postcards from"The Mother Road"

Airline Postcard Database

Alexandria (Louisiana) Postcard Collection

Alameda Info—Postcards from Alameda, California and some other areas, mainly in California. Santa's Village, Drive Thru Redwood Trees, etc. Also Expo 67, New York and Seattle world's fairs of 1960s.

Boy Scout Postcards From the U.S.—Vintage postcards from France (English introduction)

Chicago History in Postcards

Chicago Postcard Museum

Chicago World's Fair—Century of Progress Exposition 1933-34

Chuckman's Collection (Chicago Postcards) Volume 01 — Includes links to many additional volumes of Chicago Postcards.

Cincinnati Views — A large (over 8,000) collection of vintage Cincinnati postcards

Comic Postcards—Tacky comics of the 1940's to 1960's.

Corkscrew Postcard Gallery

Cowboy Poetry Postcards

Cuban Postcard Museum (Hilda's)

Dimensions GalleryWeight Gain and Fat comic postcards.

Diner Postcard Collection

Disneyland Postcards

Duluth Postcards

Easter Postcards from 1898 till Today—Cards can be viewed or sent as e-cards.

Family in a Shoebox—Researching a family from messages found on postcards in a shoebox bought at a yard sale.

Fruit From Washington—Exaggerated Fruit and Novelty Cards

Historic Postcards of Women

Historical Image Archive of Upstate NY and Southern VT

Iowa State Fair Postcards

Japan Vintage Postcards

Library Postcards: Civic Pride in a Lost America

Mainzer Dressed Cat Postcards

Map Postcards Picture Galleries—U. K. (most). U. S., rest of the world

Mazaika Postcard Gallery Page —Many Soviet era Russian greeting postcards. The gallery page is part of a site devoted to photomosaics made using Mazaika software.

Motel Americana

Motel Postcards — Chrome postcards with interesting signs.

Mount Holyoke College Postcard Collection

My Grandmother's Postcards—Two collections: Greetings cards from an album, and 1920's to 1940's vacation postcards.

Old Minneapolis Postcards

Old Postcards from Brazil

Old Tokyo—Vintage Images From Japan

Park Postcards—Amusement and Theme Parks

Petley Laff Cards

Playing Card Themed Postcards

Postcard and Greeting Card Museum—An Internet museum of vintage and modern greeting cards

Postcards From Hamilton, Ontario

Postcards From the Edge of Good Taste—N.Y. Times article on tacky postcards, no pictures.

Postcards From the Front—Postcards sent by a WWI soldier to his children.

Propaganda Postcards of the Great War—War-themed postal cards produced during World War 1.

Restaurant Postcards (LILEKS) — Restaurants from the days before the big chains.

Rotograph—Study of postcards produced by the Rotograph Postcard Company.

Route 66 University—The Postcards & Artifacts section has an online collection of vintage Route 66 poscards.

Santalady's Antique Santa Post Cards

The American Motel—Vintage motels.

Union College Postcard Collection

Union College and Schenectady Postcard Collection—Schaffer Library

U. S. Highway 90—Southern route roadside.

Walt Disney World a History in Postcards


Postcard Collections & Exhibits—Organization

Note: Many library postcard collections have been placed online in the last few years. I have not added all the new digital collections to this list. These can be found by using Google to search for Postcard Collection.

African Postcard Collection—Photos by Casimir Zagoursk 1924-1941.

Art of the Japanese Postcard—The Lauder Collection at MFA Boston. Postcards—Many eras and types.

Bronx Park Postcard Collection—Includes New York Botanical Garden & Zoo

Californian-Pacific Exposition—San Diego 1935-1936.

Curt Teich Postcard Archives—World's largest public collection of postcards and related materials.

The Great War 1914-1918 —Emory University postcards and poetry from WWI.

Greetings From Milwaukee—From the archives at UWM libraries

Images of Asia - China, India, Pakistan, Japan, Philipines, Turkey, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Israel, Singapore.

The National Library of Russia Exhibitions—Articles on various subjects and eras on Russian postcards.

New York Aquarium Postcards

Panama-California Exposition—San Diego 1915-1916.

Postcards of Cleveland

Postcards of Ireland

The Postcards of Raphael Tuck & Sons—A large ongoing databse project

Tall Tale Postcards

Tichnor Brothers Collection—Boston Public Library's collection on Flickr


Postcard Collecting Tips

A Love for Old Postcards

How to Mail Collectible Postcards

National Postcard Week—The first week in May. Information on exchanging postcards.


Miscellaneous Postcard Related Websites

Better Travel Souvenirs - Watercolor Postcards—Instructions for making your own.

Fabric Postcards—Instructions for making fabric postcards.

Great Postcard Hunt on Flickr— Pairing old postcards with new digital photos of the same scene.

Maximum Cards—A maximum card is a similar postcard and stamp tied together by an appropriate postmark.

Postcards from the Edge—Tutorial on making retro postcards using graphics software.

Using Postcards in the Classroom

The2buds Postcard Supplies—Sleeves, pages, albums, etc. for postcards, comics, etc.







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