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Motel Morgue 4 — Kansas to Michigan

For a Site Map listing motels by location, click here.

Kansas, Wichita

Plaza Court Motel
U. S. 81.Every Room with Air Conditioning, Beauty Rest Mattresses, Hollywood Bed, tile bath, carpeted floor, dressing room, and steam heat. Modern and fireproof.
Kentucky, Cave City
Wigwam Village No. 2
U. S. 31W and 68. Rest Rooms — Lunch Room. 11 Miles East of Mammoth Cave — 38 Miles South of Lincoln's Birthplace.
INSULATED INDIAN WIGWAMS, Each with complete Bath, Hot and Cold running Water. Wigwams Built and Patented by F. A. Redford, Owner and Mgr.
Kentucky, Corbin

Sanders Court & Cafe
Sanders Courts — Corbin, Ky., Asheville, N. C.
Offer complete accommodations with tile baths, (abundance of hot water), carpeted floors. "Perfect Sleeper" beds, air conditioned, steam heated, radio in every room, open all year, serving excellent food.
Kentucky, Frankfurt

Hines Motel
U.S. 60 & 460. New 21 unit Motel, Tile Baths, hot water heat, carpeted floors, solid cherry furniture. Air conditioned.
Kentucky, Fulton

Fulton Motor Court (Ky.-Tenn.)
U.S. 51 & 45W. 32 units - 32 tile baths. Ultra modern - Electric heat.
Kentucky, Henderson

Gateway Motor Court
U. S. 41. 38 cottages with private garages, steam heat, tile baths, air-conditioned in Summer, radios, room service.
Kentucky, Lexington

Maple Rest Cottages
Sleep in Safety and Comfort without Extravagance - Modern Heated Rooms and Cottages - Plenty of Shade and Good Water for Tourists only.
Kentucky, Providence

Morris Court
Junction 85 and 41. Sleep on Beauty Rest. Eleven Modern Units. Steam Heated with Shower Baths.
Kentucky, Stanford

Sunset Motor Lodge

U. S. 150. Twenty units with parking in front of your room. Colorful tile baths, cross ventilation, central heating plant, beautifully furnished.
New Iberia, Louisiana

Rocksy Courts
U. S. 90. Fireproof Brick Units. Tile Bathrooms. Combination Tub or Showers. Heat Thermostat Controlled. Attic Ventilation. Equipped with Simmons all Metal Furniture and Beauty Rest Mattresses. Free Garage.
Louisiana, New Orleans

Avalon Motor Hotel
"One of the South's Most Modern." (Air Cooled and some with Air-conditioning) (Fireproof) (Steam Heated) Ten Minute Drive to Business Center of N. O. 4 Miles East of the Center of City on U. S. 90 & 11.
Louisiana, New Orleans

Colonial Hotel Courts
Hwy. 51-61-65 Airline. Equipped entirely with Simmons innerspring mattresses. PBX telephones in all rooms. Steam heat in winter. Air-cooled in summer. Complete hotel service.
Louisiana, New Orleans

Hollywood Motel
U.S. 90 & 11. Air-Conditioned, Air-Cooled, Steam Heated, Carpeted Floors, Private Tile Baths. Simmons Furniture, Kitchenettes, Frigidaires, Sight Seeing Trips From Court.
Louisiana, New Orleans

Sugar Bowl Courts
4343 Airline Hwy., On Hwys. 51, 61, 65. Steam Heated, Radios, Air conditioned. Telephones and Beauty Rest Mattresses. "The rest of your days depend upon the rest of your nights."
Maryland, Berwyn

Del Haven White House Cottages
U. S. 1. Fifty Brick Cottages with Hotel Accommodations. Each with tile bath, Beautyrest Mattresses and Steam Heat. Radios and Sitting Rooms in some.
Maryland, Bradshaw

Belgian Village
U. S. Route 40. A replica of a little Belgian town. Each little house contains one or two rooms with private bath. Meals are served in Town Hall. Steam heated.
Maryland, College Park

Del Haven White House Cottages
On U.S. 1. 7 miles north of Washington, D.C. Fifty Brick Cottages with Hotel Accommodations. Each with tile bath. Beautyrest Mattresses and Steam Heat. Radios. Television.
Michigan, Ann Arbor

The Stage Stop Tourist Court
U. S. 23 2 Miles Southeast of City Limits.
16 of the 32 Units Completed.
Michigan, Bay City

Indian Trail Motel
Just at the City limits on U.S. 23 North. Distinguished for the finest in Modern Motel comfort and pleasure. Features full tile baths, Circulating heat, R.C.A. T.V.'s. Paved drive and spacious grounds.
Michigan Escanaba
Shell Cabins
Ultra Modern Air-Conditioned Cabins — Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter — Simmons Beds, Inner Spring Mattresses — Private Toilets and Lavatories in Every Room — Shower — Complete Garage and Service Station — Telephone Service.
Distributors — Shell Products.
Michigan, St. Ignace

Belle Isle Motel
Beautyrest Mattress, Modern Heat. Recommended by Everyone.

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