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Abraham Lincoln Statues, Monuments, and Memorials

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Kansas, Topeka

"Man of Sorrow"

This bronze statue of a seated Lincoln is by by Merrell Gage, a native Kansan. It was dedicated on Lincoln's birthday in 1918 and is located on the state capitol grounds.

Kentucky, Frankfort

This 14-foot bronze statue is inside the Kentucky State Capitol. It was dedicated in 1911 and is by sculptor Adolph A. Weinman, who also designed the statue of Lincoln in Hodgenville, Kentucky.

Kentucky, Hodgenville

The six-foot-high bronze statue rests on a 12-foot pedestal. It was created by Adolph Alexander Weinman and was erected in 1909 on the 100th Anniversary of Lincoln's birth.

The inscription reads: 'Two miles south of this town, Abraham Lincoln was born Februaty 12. 1909."

Kentucky, Louisville

This statue of Abraham Lincoln sculpted by George Gray Barnard stands berore the North Building of the Louisville Free Public Library. It was dedicated in 1922 and is a duplicate of Barnards's Cincinnati statue.

Massachusetts, Boston


This statue was erected on Park Square in 1879 to commemorate Lincoln's Emancipation Declaration. It is a copy of the Washington, D.C. statue sculpted by Thomas Ball.

Massachusetts, Hingham

This bronze statue is a replica of one that was created by Charles Keck for Wabash, Indiana. It was dedicated in 1939.

Massachusetts, Stockbridge

This is the original model of the famous statue in the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C. It is in Daniel Chester French's studio in the Berkshires.

Michigan, Muskegon

This monument consists of a bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln is the work of the sculptor Charles H. Niehaus. The statue is mounted on a square shaft of granite. It was erected in 1900 and is located in Hackley Park.

This statue is the first of three Lincoln statues by Niehaus.

Minnesota, Minneapolis

This statue of Abraham Lincoln on Victory Memorial Drive was dedicated on May 25, 1930 by surviving members of the Grand Army of the Republic in honor of their comrades who gave their lives in the Civil War.

The statue is a composite composed of a head by Max Bachman on a body that is a copy of Saint-Gaudens standing Lincoln.

Minnesota, Rochester

This marble statue of Lincoln was presented to the city of Rochester by the Mayo family, November 30, 1910.

The fate of this statue and a similar one of George Washington in Mayo Park is unknown.

Minnesota, near Rushford

This is a folk art bust created by Halvor Landsverk in 1933. It is nearly five feet across the shoul-
ders and is composed of colored rock embedded in cement.

Nebraska, Lincoln

This bronze statue by Daniel Chester French on the Nebraska State Capitol Grounds was dedicated in 1912. The Gettysburg Address is carved into the statue's granite background.

Nebraska, Omaha

This statue was sculpted by Franz Zelesny of Vienna and was given by the Omaha High School class of 1908.

The statue was moved In 1918 to Abraham Lincoln Elementary School and in 1984 to the inside of Bancroft School.

New Hampshire, Manchester

This bronze statue by John Rogers in front of Central High School was dedicated in 1910.

New Jersey, Jersey City

"Lincoln the Mystic"

This bronze statue by James Earle Fraser was dedicated in 1930.

A curved seating area with several engraved quotes from Lincoln is behind the statue.

New Jersey, Newark

This bronze sculpture by Gutzon Borglum of Lincoln seated at one end of a bench is located next to the Essex County Courthouse. It was dedicated by President Theodore Roosevelt on Memorial Day 1911.

New York, Brooklyn

This bronze sculpture by Henry Kirke Brown in Prospect Park was dedicated in 1869.

New York, Rochester

"The Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument"

This monument is located in Washington Square Park. It was designed by Leonard Volk and was dedicated on Memorial Day, 1892. It is a memorial
to the Soldiers and Sailors of Monroe County, who fought in the Civil War.

Four smaller statues at the base represent the four arms of military service -- Artillery, Infantry, Cavalry, and Marine.

Ohio, Cincinnati

Avondale Public School

This bronze statue of Lincoln with a woman half-kneeling at the base is by William Granville Hastings, who died before this statue was dedicated in 1902.

There is a copy of the Lincoln statue with the woman in Bunker Hill, Ill., and copies of the Lincoln statue in Jefferson and Sioux City, Iowa.

Ohio, Cincinnati

Lytle Park

This bronze statue by George Grey Barnard stands on a low, red-granite pedestal. It was dedicated in 1917.

There are replicas of this statue in Manchester, England and Louisville, Kentucky.

Ohio, Cleveland

"Lincoln at Gettysburg"

This statue by Max Kalish is in front of the Board of Education Building. The Gettsburg address is chiseled in three panels below Lincoln's feet. The statue was unveiled on Lincoln's birthday in 1932.

Oregon, Portland

This statue by George Fite Waters was presented to the City of Portland in 1928. The pose represents Lincoln just after the ending of his Gettysburg speech.

Pennsylvania, Gettysburg

Lincoln Speech Memorial

The Lincoln Speech Memorial was dedicated in 1912. It is located in the National Cemetery near the spot where on November 19, 1863 Lincoln delivered the famous Gettysburg Address at the dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery.

A bronze bust by Henry Bush-Brown is flanked by bronze tablets with the text of the Gettysburg Address on one side and Lincoln's invitation to participate on the other.


Pennsylvania, Harrisburg

This statue is described in a letter by the Pennsylvania State Museum here as follows:

The Lincoln Statue in our Gettysburg Room was erected in May, 1932. It was purchased from P. P. Caproni and Brother, Inc. ... It is seven feet two inches in height and is made of a plaster composition with Verde Antique coloring to represent bronze.

The statue depicts Lincoln as he delivered the Gettysburg address which is contained on a plate on the pedestal.

The Caproni catalog (here) shows a statue that is a combination of a head from a bust by Max Bachmann and a pose modeled after that of the St. Gaudens' Lincoln in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

This bronze statue by Randolph Rogers is located in Fairmount Park. It was dedicated on September 22, 1871, the ninth anniversary of the preliminary Proclamation of Emancipation.

Lincoln holds a quill in his right hand and a scroll in his left.

Pennsylvania, Wilkinsburg

This statue of Lincoln was erected by the schoolchildren of Wilkinsburg in June 1916. Lincoln holds a scroll containing the Enancipation Proclamation.

This is one of six (seven?) Lincoln statues modeled by John Segesman and made by the W. H. Mullins Co. from sheet metal put together in sections. It is similar to an earler statue modeled by Alfonso Pelzer.

South Dakota, Keystone

This bronze statue of Lincoln sitting on a bench is located in front of the Rushmore-Borglum Story historical center. It is a replica of the original statue located in Newark, New Jersey and was cast after the original was restored (1987-1988).

South Dakota, Rushmore

Gutzon Borglum designed and sculpted (with much assistance over a period of about 14 years, from 1927 to 1941) the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. The Lincoln head is one of four heads of Presidents carved from the rock. Lincoln's head was completed in 1937. It is 60 feet from the crown to the chin, with a 21 foot long nose.

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