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Abraham Lincoln Statues, Monuments, and Memorials

Abraham Lincoln statues, monuments, and memorials are scattered throughout the United States. There are even a few in foreign countries. As is apparent from the Interactive Map of Lincoln Statues Across the Country, most of the U. S. statues and monuments are located in the northeastern quarter of the country.

I was inspired to collect these postcards by the chapter about Monuments and Memorials in the book Abraham Lincoln: An Illustrated Biography in Postcards by James D. Ristine.

The book Lincoln in Marble and Bronze by F. Lauriston Bullard was published in 1952. It is an excellent source of pictures and information about the older Lincoln statues and monuments.

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California, Long Beach

This Abraham Lincoln Monument was dedicated in 1915. The sculpture is a replica of the Saint-Gaudens sculptures located at Gettysburg and Lincoln Park in Chicago.

On the front of the monument it reads: "Old Glory. Let Us Have Peace. 1861-1865. Dedicated to the Veterans of the Civil War."

Florida, Cape Coral

Bronze statue by Gustav Borglum in the Cape Coral Gardens.

The Cape Coral Gardens opened in 1964 and closed in 1970.

What happened to this statue?

Illinois, Ashmore

This statue was created in 1968 to commemorate the 110th anniversary of a Lincoln-Douglas debate in nearby Charleston.

The back of this postcard says this "world's largest" 64 foot tall statue is located in Abraham Lincoln Memorial Park. However, the park was not built, and the statue is now in a different location.


Illinois, Berwyn

"Lincoln, the Friendly Neighbor"

This 13-foot statue was dedicated July 4, 1959. It was erected by the Lincoln Federal Savings and Loan Association of Berwyn. It is the work of the sculptor Avard Fairbanks.

Illinois, Bunker Hill

This statue is one of four statues of Abraham Lincoln sculpted by William Grandville Hastings. The statue was donated in 1904 in commemoration of the service of local veterans during the Civil War. The bronze statue is mounted on a granite base.


Illinois, Champaign

"Lincoln Monolith"
Memorial to Abraham Lincoln

This bronze bust of Lincoln on a concrete monolith is now located in West Side Park. The top two sections are missing in recent photos.

Illinois, Chicago

"Standing Lincoln"

This 12-foot bronze statue was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and dedicated in 1887. It is located in Lincoln Park.

There are replicas of this statue in London and Mexico City.

Illinois, Chicago

"Lincoln, Head of State"

This sitting statue of Lincoln was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens (1848-1907). This bronze statue was cast in 1908. However the monument was not installed until 1926.

It is located in Grant Park.

Illinois, Chicago

"Lincoln, the Railsplitter"

This bronze statue of a young Lincoln holding an axe is by Charles Mulligan. It was erected in Garfield Park in 1911.


Illinois, Chicago

Lincoln at Gettysburg

This is an original plaster cast at the Art Institute of Chicago of a bronze statue by Daniel Chester French that was erected at Lincoln, Nebraska in 1912.

Illinois, Dixon

"Lincoln, the Soldier"

This bronze statue commemorates Abraham Lincoln’s 1832 service in the Black Hawk War as a young Captain. It was sculpted by Leonard Crunelle.

The statue was erected in 1930 at the site of the blockhouse known as Fort Dixon.

Illinois, Freeport

"Lincoln, the Debater"

This bronze statue commemorates the Lincoln-Douglas political debate on August 27, 1858. It was sculpted by Leonard Crunelle and didicated in 1929 on the 71st anniversary of the Freeport debate.

Lincoln is presented as he is about to speak.

Illinois, Lincoln

"Lincoln, the Student"

This bronze statue was sculpted by Robert M. Gage and was dedicated in 1961.

The statue is located at Lincoln college, which was named for Lincoln in 1865.

Illinois, New Salem State Park

This nine-foot bronze statue was sculpted by Avard Fairbanks. It was presented to the state in 1954.

The statue portrays Abraham Lincoln in the act of discarding his axe and taking up a books to study law.

Illinois, New Salem State Park

"On the Circuit"

This 14-foot bronze statue was sculpted by Anna Hyatt Huntington. It was donated to the State of Illinois in 1963

It represents Lincoln as a young lawyer, studying as he traveled. There are duplicate castings in Lincoln City, Oregon, Syracuse, New York, and Salzburg, Austria.

Illinois, Pana/Rosamond

"Lincoln, the Orator"

This bronze statue by Charles Mulligan is located in Rosamond Grove Cemetery. It was dedicated on October 29, 1903. The pedestal is seven feet high and the figure of Lincoln eleven feet high.


Illinois, Quincy

"Lincoln-Douglas Memorial"

This bronze relief sculpture by Lorado Taft commemorates the sixth Lincoln-Douglas debate that was held in Quincy. It was completed in 1936 and shows Lincoln speaking while Douglas listens just to his left.

Illinois, Springfield

This statue is located in front of the Illinois State Capitol. It was sculpted by Andrew O'connor and was dedicated in 1918.

The statue symbolizes President-elect Lincoln in 1861. The granite slab behind the statue is inscribed with Lincoln's farewell address to Springfield on his departure for Washington to serve as President.

Illinois, Springfield

Abraham Lincoln Tomb

A bronze figure by Larkin Mead, the designer of Lincoln's tomb, stands high above the tomb's entrance.

A bronze bust at the tomb's entrance was created by Gutzon Borglum. It is a copy of the bust in the U.S. Capitol building.

The bronze bust of Lincoln is shown on this postcard with the Lincoln Tomb.

Illinois, Springfield

This a bronze replica of Daniel Chester French's marble statue that is in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. It is one of several Lincoln figures in Lincoln's Tomb, Oak Ridge Cemetery.

Illinois, Springfield

Lincoln's Tomb replica of Birthplace Statue. Original at Hodgenville, Kentucky by sculptor A. A. Weinman.

Indiana, Fort Wayne

"The Hoosier Youth"

The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company commissioned Paul Manship to produce this statue and four relief sculptures for the pedestal. The statue was dedicated in 1932.

The relief sculptures symbolize Lincoln's characteristics of charity, fortitude, justice, and patriotism.

Indiana, Indianapolis

This bronze life-sized figure of Abraham Lincoln sitting in a chair was is by sculptor Henry Herring. It is located in University Park and was dedicated on April 6, 1935.

Indiana, Lincoln City

The Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial has five bas-relief stone panels sculpted by E. H. Daniels depicting major periods of Lincoln's life.

This is the Kentucky panel showing Lincoln in the center as a seven-year-old boy. Lincoln lived in Kentucky from the time of his birth in 1809 until 1816.

Indiana, Lincoln City

This is the panel showing the Lincoln's Illinois years (1830-1860) at the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial.

It shows Lincoln's development from a young frontiersman into an Illinois pllitical leader. Lincoln is being congratulated on his election to Congress.


Illinois, Westport
near Indiana, Vincennes

The Lincoln Trail Monument commemorates the arrival of the Lincoln Family in Illinois from Indiana. It was sculpted by Nellie Verne Walker and was erected in 1938.

The monument features a bronze statue of young Lincoln and a limestone bas-relief of the traveling party.

Iowa, Des Moines

Lincoln is depicted in a fatherly role with his youngest son Tad. The statue was sculpted by Fred and Mabel Torrey. It was dedicated in 1961 and is located on the Iowa State Capitol Grounds.

Iowa, Jefferson

This statue by W. Granville Hastings is a replica of one at Cincinnati, Ohio, minus the figure of a kneeling woman. It was erected in 1918 and honors Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address.

This statue is located on the grounds of the Greene County Courthouse.

Iowa, Sioux City

The statue in Grandview Park is a replica of one by W. Granville Hastings. Both the statue and base are carved of Minnesota granite. It was donated in 1924.

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