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Chrome Christmas Postcards: Part 1—Greetings

There are very few chrome Christmas postcards that were published to serve as holiday greeting cards. The most common ones seem to be those produced by H. S. Crocker and Dexter in the early 1950s. An article in the January-February 1954 issue of Post Card Collectors Magazine showed three by Crocker and six by Dexter. All of these reproduced color photographs of Christmas arrangements. Two of the three Crocker cards had greetings superimposed on the picture. The Dexter postcards were © 53, M & F., Inc. and had greetings printed on the backs.

H. S. Crocker HSC-51

Dexter 70375
"Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year" printed on back

Curteich made postcards combining Florida scenes with Christmas symbols circa 1961. I have two types, all in a 10xx number series. One type has a Santa face superimposed on the scene, and the other has a bottom border with a greeting and a Christmas symbol.



Chrome Christmas Postcards: Part 2—Local Views

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