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Lisi Martin Christmas Postcards

The artist Lisi Martin was born in 1944 in Barcelona, Spain. Her artwork depicts the make believe world of children with great charm and sensitivity. Almost all of her Christmas postcards picture children, with the exception of some picturing Santa Claus by himself. Some of the images include adults, presumably family members, along with the children. The pictures that include adults seem more nostalgic to me, while the ones with only children seem to belong to more of a fantasy world.

Lisi Martin started working with Pictura in 1983. Pictura is a Swedish company founded in 1969. The company's early products consisted mainly of yarn and knitting supplies. They added print reproductions of works by famous artists on posters, postcards and blank cards to diversify. Sentiments were added to the cards in 1982. Although Lisi Martin is Spanish, the paintings she has done for Pictura have a definite Swedish look.

All of the postcards shown and listed here are ©Pictura Graphica AB, Karlstad. They were printed in Sweden and sold in the United States from about 1983 to 1990. Folded Christmas cards by Lisi Martin have been sold in the United States more recently. Some are currently listed online by Cardmore Gifts & Cards.

Christmas postcards by Lisi Martin have also been sold in Europe and seem to have been sold more recently there. Over 100 Lisi Martin Christmas cards of varying styles are shown on the Lisi Martin Fanportal website. Unfortunately that website does not indicate which cards are postcards and does not give numbers or titles to the images shown.

Most of the Lisi Martin postcards include quite a bit of detail. The one below of the boy in the snow is one of the plainer ones. Although the background is plain, the boy's face really stands out with more lively detail than that found in most of the faces on other cards.

81.1642 ©Pictura Graphica AB, Karlstad

The next card is one of the earliest ones, copyright 1983. It depicts children waiting for Santa while the hands on the clock are approaching midnight. This card has the first type of back that is shown at the end of this article. It is titled "Waiting" on the back of the card. Later cards do not include titles.


Some of the designs are quite humorous and whimsical, especially the next two. On the next card the children seem to be expecting to see Santa come down the chimney, while Santa is actually at the door.


The serious looking little girl who is playing the piano on the next card needed to sit on a book to reach the keys. An even littler boy has removed his slippers and is standing barefoot leading a dog in singing Christmas songs. His music is labeled "Christmas" in English. His pocket is monogrammed with a "J" and has a sprig of holly sticking out of it. This card is ©1984 and has the second type of back shown at the end.


There is a non-Christmas version of the girl playing the piano numbered 1-0869 and titled "A small concert." That version is missing the tree and is cropped so that the decorations on top of the piano, boy, and dog are not included in the picture.


There are Santas, both big and small, and lots of puppies and kittens.


On the next card, a little boy is dressed in a Santa suit. His dog is "dressed" as a reindeer and has a tiny sled to pull.


Most of the postcards have a vertical format. The next card, which shows children dressing a bemused and complacent snowman, is one of the few in a horizontal format.


The next three postcards show children decorating and celebrating with adults. These make me think of old-fashioned family Christmases.




Finally, it's back to a fantasy world with Santa and his reindeer.


Most of the postcards on the list below are ones that I have in my collection. I have added a few that I saw listed on eBay. The ID# column has two numbers. The first number is the one I think best identifies the card. The second number is the one actually printed on the card. The reason for giving two numbers is that at least some cards were printed with variations in the numbering system. For example, there are three cards listed as "0867": 1-0867, 081-0867, and 088-0867. Only the first two cards on the list have titles printed on the card. Other descriptions are my own.

0633 1-633-7 "Waiting" Children waiting for Santa 1983
0636 1-636-0 "Starry Sky" Girl watching Santa and reindeer 1983
0867 081-0867 Children looking up fireplace, Santa in door 1984
0867 088-0867 Children looking up fireplace, Santa in door 1984
0867 1-0867 Children looking up fireplace, Santa in door 1984
0878 1-0878 Girl playing piano with boy and dog singing 1984
0913 1-0913 Girl in red dress with apples and sled 1984
1635 81.1635 Girl decorating inside window with ornaments 1986
1638 81.1638 Girl reaching toward kitten that is in tree 1986
1639 81.1639 Girl at bird feeder feeding birds 1986
1640 81.1640 Child asleep on floor with toys 1986
1640 088-1640 Child asleep on floor with toys 1987
1641 81.1641 Girl in red dress doing embroidery 1986
1642 81.1642 Boy in snow with lantern and bell 1986
1643 81.1643 Boy and girl outside caroling 1986
1645 81.1645 Santa with girl in pajamas & kitten in box 1986
1646 81.1646 Girl in snow with lantern and puppy on sled 1986
1650 088-1650 Santa addressing gift & puppies 1986
1681 088-1681 Girl sweeping threshold, wreath on door 1987
1682 088-1682 Girl in red coat in snow holding candle 1987
1683 088-1683 Listening for Santa 1987
1684 088-1684 Girl lighting candles in wreath on table 1988
1685 088-1685 Boy and girl with gifts kissing under mistletoe 1988
1699 088-1699 Boy in red coat and hat with wreath in snow 1988
5200 081-5200 Wish Upon A Falling Star 1987
5201 088-5201 Child in window looking at stars (5200 cropped) 1988
5202 088-5202 Santa says Don't wake the Children 1988
5204 088-5204 Santa with toy pack & puppy in bed (5202 cropped) 1988
5205 088-5205 Children trimming Christmas tree top & kitten 1988
5207 088-5207 Nativity scene with children and puppy 1988
5210 088-5210 Boy in Santa suit in snow with puppy 1988
5226 088-5226 Boy on sleeping Santa's lap 1988
5227 088-5227 Child with flower behind Santa in snow 1988
5228 088-5228 Children dressing snowman 1988
5229 088-5229 Children on floor by fire with toys 1988
5232 088-5232 Children trimming Christmas tree bottom 1988
5234 088-5234 Dancing around tree and playing piano 1988
5253 088-5253 Man holding little girl trimming tree on table 1990
5255 088-5255 Little boy in Santa suit at door with puppy & toys 1990
5258 088-5258 Child sleeping inside window, snowman outside 1990
5259 088-5259 Hanging wreath in window and trimming tree 1990
5260 088-5260 Santa and reindeer outside, little boy in door 1990
5270 088-5270 Santa watching child & puppy asleep on couch 1990

The first type of back is the earliest. It has a title and some comments about Lisi Martin in Swedish and English:

Lisi Martin was born in Barcelona in Spain. Lisi is a pronounced perfectionist and she makes high demands on her paintings. She considers the paintings she will make in the future much more important than those already finished. Lisi depicts the wonderful make believe world of children, which is a world lost to most adults.

The next back has the same green and red border as the first but omits the title and comments.

The third back has a different design, all in gray.




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