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Wooden Postcards: Part 3—Modern Cards

This page shows the wooden postcards I have classified as modern. Most of the postcards on this page are ones that I bought when new, between the late 1980s and early 1990s. The newest ones were bought in 2006.

The John Wayne postcard below has the same back style as the Minnesota loons above, but includes the information that it is California Redwood and is from Signs of the Times, S.F.

The Cajun recipe for Beignets is from Woodcards of Houma, Louisiana.

The Camp Snoopy and Christmas ornament postcards were made by Vandercraft of Prineville, Oregon. Vandercraft used to have a website showing many of their cards, but their website is not currently active. Vandercraft is now a division of Dr. Display, a company that makes wooden merchandise display fixtures.

The Arkansas Razorbacks postcard has a back style similar to Vandercraft, but lists Nat'l Nov. Prods., Santa Barbara, CA.

I have several handpainted Christmas postcards like the one below. The backs on these were made with a brown marker.

The wildlife postcards are ©Dana Harter and are made from two pieces of 1/200" (.005") thick veneer of various woods. The loon is Maple and the bald eagle is Eastern Red Cedar. They are shown here with their display at the 2006 Minnesota State Fair. The 2006 cards list Pine Cone Entp. of White Pine, MI. I also have some of these cards from 2005 that list Dana Harter on the back instead of Pine Cone Entp. These cards are lightweight and don't seem capable of withstanding handling in the mail.


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