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Old-fashioned Holiday Postcards by A.M. Davis

A.M. Davis of Boston produced what they called "Quality Cards" both as postcards and regular greeting cards. Though not necessarily higher quality than other cards, they definitely are diffferent. There are three features shared by most of the A.M. Davis postcards that make them easy to spot:

  • shorter height (most are 3-1/8 to 3-1/4 inches)
  • thicker card stock
  • gold edges

The design style of the A.M. Davis cards also differs from other postcards. Most have an Arts and Crafts look dominated by text in Gothic or other distinctive typefaces and decorative borders. Most designs also have gold accents. Occasionally the cards have an embossed panel, but the pictures and text are not embossed.

I like to look for these cards in boxes of unsorted cards. They are usually inexpensive, and I feel as though I am finding a diamond in the rough.

Here are some examples of A.M. Davis Christmas and New Year's postcards. I am offering free 300 ppi scans (for personal use only*). Click one of the images below to access the higher resolution version.

* Terms of use: My scans are free to use for personal projects. You may not use them on products made for sale, in advertising, or redistribute them in any way without receiving permission.

History of Christmas Cards—A.M. Davis Company



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