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Three Post Card Periodicals Join For More Hobby News More Often

This article is reprinted from November 2, 1957 (Vol. 13, No.1) issue of Post Card Collector News

The Post Card Collectors Magazine, The Post Card Call, and the Post Card Roundup are united under our new masthead to better serve Deltiology.

The Post Card Collectors Magazine format served well for a feature article and general information publication, but we found that activities of collectors were just as important for publication as factual data about cards. Four years ago the weekly Post Card Call was established to provide collectors with a speedier news medium and releases about new cards, etc.

The success of the “Call” and the need to consolidate publications for the economic interests of collectors brought about this, the biweekly POST CARD COLLECTORS NEWS.

Every two weeks the P.C.C.N. will bring you features, illustrations, checklists and research as did the “Collectors”, but it will incorporate the current news of the hobby, clubs and collectors.

Even better—the subscription rate will not change. $2.00 a year will bring you 26 issues instead of 12.

With this issue we have absorbed the subscription lists of Robert Routh’s Post Card Roundup and the Post Card Call, each being credited on a one to one basis to any current subscriptions to the “Collectors”. Subscribers to “Collectors” will be credited on a 2 to 1 basis. If you had 10 issues of “Collectors” due you, you will receive 20 issues of the “News.” “Call” and “Roundup” subscribers have been notified of the change by mail.

We feel that the “News” will be the best form of service yet provided post card collectors and with regular bi-weekly issues we are looking for renewed interest and activity of benefit to all.


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